WP Tiles Themes: TiledFourteen

TiledFourteen is our special Twenty Fourteen child theme optimized for use with WP Tiles. You are looking at it now! So to be able to recreate all those demo’s on this site, look no further and download TiledFourteen now.

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This WordPress theme adds a range of much-missed features to Twenty Fourteen, like a no-sidebar layout, custom content widths and background sections.

Example of a tiled header


On top of that, it adds seamless integration with WP Tiles, to create beautiful tile-based magazine websites. It integrates by:

  • Optionally using WP Tiles for Twenty Fourteen Featured Posts
  • Allowing one to use WP Tiles to show tiles instead of the featured image
  • Adding compatibility with full-width tiles

It comes with some more value-added features, like InstantClick integration, image logo’s and a single theme colour scheme option. You might be surprised how nice Twenty Fourteen can be.

Before activating this theme, make sure you are using PHP 5.3 or greater and that you have the parent theme Twenty Fourteen installed. To make full use of the theme, also make sure you install WP Tiles!

All features:

  • Use WP Tiles for Featured Posts
  • Use WP Tiles instead of Featured Image
  • Compatible with WP Tiles full-width tiles
  • Added support for SVG tiles
  • InstantClick
  • Added ‘No Sidebars’ template
  • Use an image logo instead of the site name
  • Select theme base color
  • Set site and content max-width
  • Optionally center site
  • Set content background color and image
  • Added
    shortcode for full-width backgrounds

And oh, did I mention it’s free? Like WordPress, Twenty Fourteen and WP Tiles, it’s GPL licensed. So do with it what you like! If you do use it to create beautiful websites, I am of course very curious to hear!

Download now


The new no-sidebar layout


Add beautiful, fully customizable post tiles or tiled galleries anywhere on your WordPress site.