Byline Templates

The content for bylines is extremely flexible. Use the byline editor in the WP Tiles administration screens, or pass the byline template to the shortcode directly using byline_template and byline_template_textonly. For example: [wp-tiles byline_template='%excerpt%']

The byline can consist of any valid HTML mixed in with the provided template tags. Here are some examples of byline templates:

Author, date and categories:

  • <p>By %author% on %date%</p>

Tags and price:

  • %tags% | Now for %meta:price%

Available Template Tags

Simple post fields:

  • %title%
  • %content%
  • %date%
  • %excerpt%
  • %link%
  • %author%
  • %featured_image%


  • %categories% – Comma separated list of categories
  • %category_links% – Like above, but with links
  • %tags, %tag_links% – Same at categories

Custom fields and taxonomies

  • %meta:META_KEY% – Replace META_KEY by the meta key you want to display
  • %tax:TAXONOMY%, %tax_links:TAXONOMY% – Replace TAXONOMY with the taxonomy name

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